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Loyal to Our Clients

Your Milwaukee
Home Inspection Company


We’re On Your Side
  • We’ll give you the straight answer on your home’s condition
  • We’ll help protect the biggest investment of your life
  • Our loyalties belong to you – no one else
  • Unbiased information that is easy to understand with digital reports & pictures


A Fair Price
  • Your investment is based on size of the property – NOT by who your realtor is, the zip code where your home is located, or list price
  • Military & senior discounts available


Thoroughly Investigate the Home
  • We’re thorough, nosy inspectors & proud of it!
  • We pay the strictest attention to detail
  • Quality overrides everything we do


We Answer Your Questions
  • We take the time with you to answer ALL of your questions
  • We don’t race through anything with your inspection


Why Hire Us
  • We uphold our commitment to clients by providing the best possible service with the highest attention to detail
  • An inspection gives you the information you need to make sure the home you want does not have underlying problems that could cost you in the long run
  • We offer after-inspection support whenever needed


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